General Contracting

Providing a hands-on approach, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get involved in Projects. As your Toronto general contractor we assure you the highest of quality of service along with competitive pricing in the GTA area. Our experienced team keep you involved in all day to day activities of your project to ensure you see progress each day.

We offer the following General Contracting Services:
  • Custom Homes
  • Additions
  • Basement Conversions
  • Office Fit-Outs
  • Renovations
  • Exterior Works
  • Refurbishments
  • Commercial Renovations and Builds

Custom Homes

At Self build Canada we love nothing more then giving you the satisfaction of Designing your dream home. As your general contractors, it means a lot to us knowing that we make your Home work for you rather then you work for your home.

Whether it is a small or large size home it makes no difference as we will take just as must care and add as much detail to it until you are fully satisfied with it.

Our in-house architect can walk you through your Home before you have broken ground on your site giving you a insight of all the great things to come.

Home Additions

Maybe you plan on expanding your family? Want a bigger kitchen? Or just want to add value to you home. We have all the angles covered. Whether you have to go up or go out we can give you all the expertise needed to bring your design to reality.

Our Project Management team can give you step by step advice on how you can make convert any space easily.

Add value to your home using our general contracting services.

Home Renovations

Why renovate your home in Toronto? The same question can be asked why do we upgrade our vehicles? Sometimes you may feel that your home has become outdated or is need or repair. There are many advantages to renovating your home for both lifestyle and to add resale value.

Here at Self Build Canada we can estimate what cost is exactly involved in doing this. Renovations isn’t all that hard if you have the professionals there to help you along the way. Beginning home renovations can be all well and good but make sure to get in contact with our general contractors first, so we can implement a plan to make sure you get value for money.

Basement Conversions

Many people who don’t have the option to go up often go down. Here at Self Build Canada we offer you all the advice you need to go ahead with your basement conversion. Is converting your basement worth it? Issues can arise and it is always recommended to work with basement conversion experts.

Between dropping floor heights to get your ceiling heights and in some cases underpinning your home, converting a basement can be a drawn-out process. From the costs to underpinning and structural integrity, let us help you get over the line.

Interior Design

What makes a home? We believe it is not just the bricks and mortar outside the home but the actual character inside it. Our design team can offer you an insight into different forms of design and give you all the ideas needed to either go with a contemporary, modern or traditional style.

Match your home to your lifestyle when you choose Self Build Canada.

Exterior Grounds & Upgrades

You always want your home to look the best, but remember we are here to help. Adding some exterior features such as patios and landscaping will not only make your house more attractive and add value, but make you want to spend more time outdoors.

With in-depth knowledge of masonry landscape techniques and extensive experience of delivering exterior projects, we know the best exterior features to add to your home. Let us help you produce a beautiful exterior for an even better price.

Office Fit Out & Refurbishment

Our Fit-out team are well established and are experts in the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. We strive for quality in relation to office fit outs and refurbishments. A functional workplace is of most importance when seeking productivity and we are here to make your office renovation happen.

Residential Projects

No job is too big or small for our general contractors. Whether it is a sub-division scheme of housing or a one-off home we cater for everyone in the GTA area. If you are a developer or general contractor and need advice and support in any field to do with your residential renovation project, please contact us.

We will make sure to address any problems you may have and get your project back on track. With our trade knowledge background, you will be surprised what we can bring to the table.

Commercial Projects

We also work with clients in the ICI sector. Our general contractors prepare drawings, estimates and schedules which can be used within any field. Our main asset is our ability to implement process improvements within our client’s organisation which in hands help deliver their projects within scope, time budget.

 If you have an ICI Project in the Toronto or GTA area, please feel free to contact us