Masonry Division

Our masonry division have all the attributes and skill to bring your project to life. The team is made up of qualified hardworking professionals who take great pride in their craft.

We cater for all aspects of Masonry and are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. No matter the size or scale of your project we are happy to help. See our masonry services below.

We specialize in all these types of Masonry
  • Custom Homes
  • Restoration
  • Custom Stonework and Brickwork
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Foundations
  • Walkouts
  • Chimneys
  • Fireplaces
  • Tuckpointing
  • Landscaping
  • Interlocking

Masonry for Custom Homes

Building a Custom Home is an exciting project and adding a Brick and Stone Veneer to the exterior often adds significant value and individuality to the overall project.

Our Toronto team of skilled masons can make something on a drawing become real. We cater for both Brick and Stone works for your custom build home.

Restoration and Repair Works

With the harsh weather that Canada throws at structures it is inevitable that your brickwork and masonry around your home or building will suffer. We offer a large range of stone and brick restoration services to restore and revitalize your existing masonry works in the GTA.

Alterations to window and door openings

When renovating a building more often than not windows and doors need to be adjusted. This allows for the design to really take shape. We cater to all structural and masonry needs when rebuilding openings to ensure the safety of staff and structural integrity of the building. We rebuild the openings to match the existing work which looks like it was never touched.

Decorative Brick and Stone Work

Sometimes our clients seek more then just straight forward masonry work for their projects. That’s why we have qualified and experienced Brick and Stone Masons in Toronto who can create exceptional work. We take great pride in our masonry work which ensures excellent quality.


Our clients often wonder is tuckpointing an essential or overkill when renovating a home or building. At first sight deterioration of mortar joints may seem normal but it can lead to much bigger problems down the line. Water gets into these crevices, then freezes, expands and damages the Brick which can lead to Brick replacement. This is a lot more expensive than Tuckpointing.

No matter the size and scale of the project we would be happy to help with our tuckpointing services in Toronto.

Chimney Rebuild and Repair

Our team have extensive knowledge in Chimney rebuild and repair in the Toronto area. We give our client the options in how we can improve or replace their existing chimney stack. It is very important that we explain the importance of having a structurally sound and sealed chimney as ignoring the issue could lead to bigger problems down the line.

We work at all heights and have the equipment to complete your project quickly while committed to quality in the GTA.


Having a fireplace inside your home or in your back yard adds both character and value to your space. We take pride in creating fireplaces where the client can sit back, relax and enjoy it, whether it’s lighting outside on a summers evening or inside on a cold winter’s night.

Feel free to reach out and let us know your ideas. Our masonry contractors enjoy a challenge.

Concrete Foundations

Having specified foundations for your project is the most important part of your build. Remember, if these fail, the cost can be extortionate. That’s why we don’t cut any corners. Our Masonry contractors guarantee, excellent workmanship. Although it may be under the group and not seen, having a solid concrete foundation it is the most important part of your build.

Block Foundation Walls

Many clients prefer to build concrete block foundation walls underground rather then forming and pouring concrete walls. Our masons offer quick and quality blockwork which can bring your basement up to grade level. We also provide concrete waterproofing services for any block foundations we construct.


Our Masonry team excel when it comes to parging as we do not take short cuts to save costs. We usually apply 2 to 3 coats to get both an excellent finish but to also insure that the parging does not fall off or deteriorate or fall off over time.

Basement Walkouts & Entrances

Basement walkouts and entrances give people access to their basement from the exterior of their home. It is important that these are built to code and meet the homeowners needs. Our contractors and masons provide several options for our clients when building their basement walkouts to help suit all budgets.


With many clients looking to extend ceiling heights, underpinning a basement has become far more common. It is a task that must be performed by a competent and responsible team of masonry experts.

Our team understand this importance, and therefore we execute the underpinning of any structure with precision and quality. Self Build Canada is fully insured to underpin any structures in the Greater Toronto Area.


Your gardens and driveways are what finish your home and add curb appeal. We take great pride in finishing exterior works and great satisfaction in dealing with happy clients in Toronto. Tell us your landscaping ideas and we will create them.

Interlocking Stone Services

It’s amazing how interlock can change the overall appearance of driveway or paveway. The most important thing to us is the preparation work that is needed to ensure no sinkage or movement once we complete the work. We go through the whole process with our client to give them peace of mind once we begin work.